Atlanta-based artist Anji writes music from the deepest parts of her soul; sharing her passion for dark alternative pop all across the state of Georgia, Angela Hutchins (frontwoman of Anji) has no issue opening up about her experiences with heartbreak, depression, and overcoming obstacles. Winning recording time at the 2017 Columbus Songwriter Showcase is no small feat, or the Griff Parrish Songwriting award, which both propelled her to step into the stage lights of the Atlanta music scene . She released “Titanic,” an emotional electropop ballad, back in January 2018 with Kaizen Records, which became the single that kick-started her career. This was followed by The Dark EP in summer of 2018, in which Anji explored the ways in which we all cope with anxiety, depression, and loss. “I’m very proud of these songs, which helped me break out of my own darkness to connect with the amazing people that helped me create them,” she says.

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Now, Anji is gearing up for her next release: The “Light EP,” which is meant to juxtapose the darker stories expressed on her previous release. These new songs reflect the next phase of her journey, which is much brighter and freer than the last. With a big release party set for August 2nd at The Alamo in her hometown of Newnan, Georgia, it’ll be a collection of songs to remember. When you hear an Anji song, you get the opportunity to learn more about the songwriter behind the microphone – and Anji still has so much more left to say.

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Light is your next project. Tell us more about it?
“The Light EP is big, bright, beautiful, and everything the Dark EP is not. As a songwriter, creating a project to completely contrast everything I’ve ever made before was an awesome challenge and massive undertaking. There are lots of layers of reverb, harmonies, stacked orchestrations and cinematic elements in the title track, “Light”, and I chose to write using keys, synth & pianos for all of the songs instead of guitar, because the Dark EP was such a rock and guitar-heavy project. “Strong” – the opening track & first single – is the bridge between these two sounds, and since the lyrics detail that journey out of darkness, I wanted to keep that classic rock band sound but also make a more anthemic power ballad that uses a lot of harmonies and piano to get to that heightened place of emotion and create a sense of victory and empowerment.”

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About the Light EP: “The songs range from the powerhouse anthem “Strong” to the choir-backed title track “Light”, the folksy indie song “You’ll Find Me” and the euphoric “Sunshine & Rainbows”. There will be five songs total, each with a unique sound and message of hope and overcoming struggles of the past. This song is the soundtrack to my own personal development as I’ve gotten deeper into the music festival community, and yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. I hope it can bring healing, positivity and peace to others the way it’s already done for me just by creating it.”

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“There’s no doubt she’s a talented, gifted woman in the indie music business and her intentions through every song here on “Dark” go from being honest, loud, catchy and extremely vulnerable… A gentle build of jangling guitars, a slow beating drum, and Angela’s poignant voice will transport you through the emotional nuances of this song. It’s clear from this track alone that Angela has reached a new level of eloquence in her writing, making her a more complete artist than ever. It’s also why “Dark” is her strongest recording to date.”

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“Anji’s entire assemblage embodies the regenerative themes present in Dark: Anji is a Sanskrit word meaning “the gift given with both hands”; the name in conjunction with the Dark’s triangular album logo represents the alchemy of self; that empowerment is in one’s own hands even in (or especially in) the low moments.”

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