Anji is a female-fronted alternative / indie rock project lead by award-winning songwriter Angela Hutchins, with powerhouse vocals and shredding guitar solos. Her latest project explores the darker parts of breaking and healing, the Dark EP, and released at The Masquerade in Atlanta on June 7th. She brings a refreshing and sultry blend of electronic, alternative and indie rock to the local music scene of South Atlanta, from venues such as The Vinyl, Eddie’s Attic and Pure Life Studios, to Connect Live and more. A versatile performer, she has won awards as a solo act (Columbus Songwriter Showcase, Griff Parrish Songwriting Award) and was signed to Kaizen Records in the Fall of 2017. Her first single “Titanic”, an electro pop breakaway, was released this past January, and her Dark EP is internationally available online to all digital platforms.


“There’s no doubt she’s a talented, gifted woman in the indie music business and her intentions through every song here on “Dark” go from being honest, loud, catchy and extremely vulnerable… A gentle build of jangling guitars, a slow beating drum, and Angela’s poignant voice will transport you through the emotional nuances of this song. It’s clear from this track alone that Angela has reached a new level of eloquence in her writing, making her a more complete artist than ever. It’s also why “Dark” is her strongest recording to date.”

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